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How To Chose the Best Rain Gear For Work

Well, it’s that season once again. The rainy, cold, season; winter! How exciting! We all love the things this cold weather brings. From hot chocolate hugs, and family. But the reality is far from happiness! COLD. WET COLD! Here we’re going to talk about our rainy weather and any good rain gear for work bellevue wa

So when we talk about the rain we know for a fact that we need to cover ourselves, no matter where in the world we reside. Washington though, especially, is considered a cold state in the United States. So obviously we’re talking here about how to best keep yourself dry in the cold, wet, sad, rain of Bellevue Washington. 

Jackets right? We can all agree that any jacket offers a certain level of protection from the rain, right? Some jackets come thicker than others. Sadly there is really no better protection against the harshness of the rain than, of course, a rain jacket. I don’t say this, experts do. So now the question arises, how can I choose the right work raingear for me? To start this off we will look at a few things together and maybe by the end of this article you will head out and get yourself the right work rain gear. 

There are a couple of raincoat options. I’m going to go ahead and list them here. The waterproof/breathable: This particular rainwear keeps the rain from getting through to your skin while moving your sweat out of the rubber. If you’re planning to exercise or you’re running late to work, for example, and you have to run, this type of jacket might be for you. 

Another option that you can consider is the slicker. If you plan to literally stand in the rain, not moving, waiting for the bus on your way to work a slicker, or as some call it Emergency Pancho, could be for you. Now sadly this particular outerwear will have you sweating in no time if you make any quick movements such as walking or simple tasks, this one is just for staying still sweating like a sinner in church. It is only for standing in the rain. Really. 

Now that that is out of the way we can go on an take a look at the two types of choices: Waterproof VS Water-Resistant. Ok now let’s take a look at the differences between the two. The waterproof gear. This gear is literally a rain suit, it completely keeps the rain out and it is ideal for frequent use in heavy rain situations. Think big yellow raincoat. 

The alternative is water-resistant. This gear is actually really lightweight, the problem with this kind of gear is suitable only for a short time out in the rain. This is actually better suited for drizzly conditions with wind, and in situations in which you will find yourself highly active. Now that we’ve settled a couple of differences I’m sure that you now know which rain gear for work is the best for you!



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