Outfitting Your Commercial Kitchen, The Right Way

If you have ever stepped foot inside of a commercial kitchen, you’ll know just how well-stocked they are. Commercial kitchens, otherwise known as restaurant kitchens, are proverbial hives of activity. You have chefs and assistants working hard, flying back and forth, while servers return to see what is going on with their orders. While all of this activity is happening, you also will have to deal with all of the equipment inside of the kitchen. If you are planning on establishing your own restaurant kitchen, you’ll need that equipment in order to facilitate a working business. Today, we’ll be outlining a few tips for getting the right restaurant equipment for the job. Let’s dig in! 

Preparing Your Commercial Kitchen 

As we stated above, getting your commercial kitchen into shape is of the utmost importance. Your restaurant will rely on your kitchen in order to facilitate the very heart and soul of your business. You can’t go half-hearted into the planning and development phase when it comes to setting up your restaurant kitchen. In order to make sure that your kitchen looks as good as possible, you definitely need to follow the guide that we have detailed below. 

1) Plan Your Layout – Before you even begin to purchase equipment, you really need to know how you want your kitchen floor laid out. If you have studied restaurant history, you’ll know that the reason for McDonald’s early success was due to how they laid out their kitchen in order to maximize efficiency. While you probably aren’t a fast food facility, you can still take that mindset to heart. Sketch out how you want your kitchen to look based on the space available to you. Having this layout prepared will give you guidance when you select your equipment to purchase. 

2) Consider Refurbished Equipment – Restaurant kitchens are filled with expensive appliances and surfaces that are all but necessary in order to operate correctly. While there is nothing wrong with purchasing brand new products, you have to understand that the price will begin to add up. When possible, consider opting for refurbished kitchen equipment. Refurbished equipment is a category of product that has been used before but has been prepared for use again by a new owner. Refurbished gear is significantly less expensive while still maintaining the same level of functionality. Additionally, refurbished equipment can be easy to repair due to the availability of parts and components. 

3) Prioritize Your Needs – Depending on what kind of food you serve, you’ll have certain pieces of equipment that are more important than others. All kitchens should have grills, freezers, refrigeration, and stainless-steel preparation stations. Once you’ve handled the core pieces of equipment that you’ll need, you can start looking at other equipment options. Prioritizing your list makes it easier to stick to your budget. 

Outfitting your kitchen is going to be a tough task. You’ll need to make quite a few expensive purchases. However, by using our guide you will be able to get exactly what you need at a price that you can afford!