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-135 C May Not Be Cold Enough

If you need to maintain a temperature that is lower than -135 C your average electric freezer will not do the job. Considering a different method such as flash freezing might be the way to go.The benefits of using this method depend heavily on the items you are trying to preserve. 

Industrial freezers on average can reach temperatures of about -20 C to -50 C. These units can commonly be found in the food service industry, in places such as ice cream shops. There are however certain units that can achieve a “deep freeze” maintaining a temperature of about -135 C. These units are commonly used in Laboratories for storing bone marrow.These units however are not capable of maintaining a temperature lower than -135 C. 

Fast as a Flash Freezing Blast 

Flash freezing may not only be a faster freezing solution but it could also be less harmful to the item you are trying to freeze. Flash freezing can be done in a Flash in comparison to traditional freezing being that it only takes half the time. This method can be achieved by using liquid nitrogen . A liquid nitrogen blast freezer uses liquid nitrogen to preserve its contents quickly. These units can reach-20 C in just a few minutes and reach temperatures below -130 C in just a few hours. Industrial units that utilize liquid nitrogen vary in size making them quite versatile. The freeze time however may vary depending on the size and quantity of the items that you are trying to preserve. Liquid nitrogen freezers can reach-210 C very easily and maintain this temperature. The speed of the freezing process may prove to be helpful as it prevents large ice crystals from forming therefore keeping your item from being damaged by their growth. This feature is particularly helpful if you are attempting to store biological samples. The formation of large ice crystals during the freezing process can damage the cells there for damaging the sample, this is also true with the preservation of food products. Liquid nitrogen itself has been used in many different capacities even on the human body directly as a way of removing moles and even prostate cancer. These type of treatments are considered surgeries and should only be performed by a doctor. it is not recommended that you simply jumping inside the freezer in your lab or Warehouse hoping to cure what ails you. 

It may seem like a lot to choose from with the varying sizes and prices for both electrical and liquid nitrogen freezing units, however after you have broken down the pros and cons it’s quite simple to see which unit would better suit your needs. If you’re looking to store food or other items on a short-term basis in house your average electric freezer should do just fine. However if you’re seeking to quickly freezer product either to increase the shelf life, or your item is of a more delicate nature, liquid nitrogen maybe the way to go.



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