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3 Ways to Power-Up Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to reach out to your demographic and turn them on to your products, and services. Despite being around since the dawn of the Internet itself, there are still many “best practices” that you should be following when engaging with your subscribers through an email list. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you will boost your email marketing efforts, and grow your business faster, and more effectively than before.

Emails Aren’t for Selling

By far the biggest mistake people make with email marketing is trying to use them to make sales. Emails are not sales tools, and never will be. The purpose of an email is to get the reader from Point A, to Point B. For example, a marketing email may contain a special discount, then instruct the reader to click the link where they can claim the discount on your website. Instead of trying to sell in you emails, instead focus on connecting with your readers. This allows you to form a bond with them, building your trust, credibility, and reputation so that you can get them onto your website where you can sell them on your products and/or services.

Sender Vs Subject Line

There is also a common misconception that the subject line of your emails is what determines your open rate. While it does play a large part, there is actually another factor that it much more important: the name of the sender. Basically what this means is that people are more likely to open your emails if they expect them, and recognize the name of the sender. This is one of the biggest reasons that cold emails have a much harder time getting good open rates, and why building an email list that you can market to again and again, is such a good strategy. To make the most of this, take time to think about how you’re getting people to join your mailing list, and how you can get them excited about opening your emails.

Email vs Direct Mail Marketing

While some people tend to compare email to direct mail marketing, the two are actually very different. Direct mail marketing tends to be very “salesy,” and will attempt to make a sale on first contact. As previously mentioned, email marketing should avoid trying to make direct sales. While direct mail marketing is less used these days, it can actually be used to supplement your email marketing efforts. Since emails are a form of pre-selling, they can be used to set up a direct mail marketing campaign, ensuring that you get higher engagement with it. This can even be used to market to area specific demographics, such as running a direct mail marketing Ohio campaign.


Ultimately email marketing is still an amazing way to make sales as long as you go about it in the right way. Using it along side other marketing methods, such as direct mail, really brings out the full power of email marketing. It allows you to generate leads, and meet your marketing objectives.



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