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Five Shipping Tubes That You Should To Know

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If you are buying new packaging product or new to the packaging world, you need to learn a few basics in order to make the right buying decisions. For mailing tubes (also known as mailing shipping tubes), you must understand what’s available and what you should go for. Since different merchandises come with different shapes and sizes, you must understand what type of shipping tube to go for. Here are five major types of mailing tubes that you should know before you make a purchase:

Round Mailing Tubes

This is the standard shape that everyone knows. It is used for shipping different types of goods from blueprints, posters, paints, and even fishing rods. The tubes are constructed with a spiral wound technique which makes them endure the shipping rigors. They come with different sizes and sizes according to the industry and the goods being transported. Commonly, these tubes come in craft and white but you can find colored and even branded depending on the brand being shipped and the company.

Telescopic Mailing Tubes

The telescopic mailing tube is a shipping tube which can expand in length to handle blueprints artwork and other merchandise of the sort with varying sizes. They use the standard spiral wound technique just like the round tubes which enables them to withstand the shipping rigor. The tubes are often made of strong materials enabling them to handle high external pressure making them ideal to handle delicate goods. Their end caps can slide over the tube ends and be sealed with a shipping label or packing tape.

Square Mailing Tubes

This is a bit rare tube style but it comes with some interesting features that are ideal for storing and shipping items. The square tube enables the placing and removing of contents easier than the use of the round tubes. It comes with locking tabs which are way better compared to the sealing tapes. The square tubes are also easier to pack, where you can stack them and save a huge floor or shelf space.

Triangle Mailing Tubes

This is arguably the most unique shipping tube among them all. The tube opens along the container length instead of the side enabling easier goods package. They are ideal for component pieces and dowels but can still accommodate artwork, blueprints, and posters. You can easily secure the tube using locking tabs and stack them on the shelves. The triangle edges offer extra protection to the merchandise from the rigor that comes from shipping.

Snap Seal Mailing Tube

The snap-seal also referred to as crimped-end is the economical option suitable for shipping less valuable Merchandise. You can easily clip them using a pinch and open them just as easy. They are fully recyclable and can be reused time and again. The mailing tubes are an ideal choice if you are looking for a budget shipping or if you are ensured that there is no liquid contact with the intended good.


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