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How To Recycle A Fire Extinguisher 

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One of the most important safety devices that someone can have in their home or place of business is fire extinguishers. However, the question remains as to what needs to be done when a fire extinguisher has run its course. The answer to this is very simple. It needs to be recycled. But how does one recycle a fire extinguisher? The answer to that will be covered in this article. 

The first thing needing to be done is to empty the fire extinguisher. To do this, the first thing to do is to check any fire extinguishers aurora co for the name of the manufacturer. It will most likely be the name of a common company that is widely heralded for making fire extinguishers. Check the website of the manufacturer to see if there has been a recall. If there is an active recall, never attempt to move or to transport an extinguisher that is under the domain of one. It is not uncommon to not know that there is a recall for an extinguisher as most of them are only replaced every few years. 

Make sure to wear protective eye gear and an anti-particulate mask before emptying the extinguisher. This will be necessary because some extinguishers have toxic substances and irritating particulates which can damage the lungs. These pieces of safety equipment will go a long way towards ensuring you are safe from harm. 

To fully discharge the extinguisher, you will need to grab a large bucket and venture outdoors. Make sure if there are children or pets living in the home that they stay indoors or at least do not come around the area where the extinguisher will be emptied. Point the extinguisher directly into the bucket so that dust and debris do not fly into the air. The lever should be held down until nothing at all is coming from the extinguisher. After this is complete, you will just need to wait until the pressure gauge has fallen to below zero. Store the empty canister in a safe place and wait for this to happen. It may take a few days but once it does you will be able to move on to actually recycling the fire extinguisher. 

After the canister has been fully drained, it is now time to disassemble the fire extinguisher. One tip is to remove the entire head of the fir extinguisher so that you do not forget that it is empty. Trying to fire an empty extinguisher can lead to damaging it permanently. Any plastic accessories that still remain on the extinguisher can now be removed with something like a screwdriver. After all plastic pieces have been removed, it can now be brought down to a recycling facility to be recycled. As you can see, there are a few steps to making sure this is done correctly but it is still something that can be done relatively simply. Good luck to you and stay safe out there!


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