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The Business Of Being An Artist

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We have arrived at the time of the year where many people are graduating. People will go on to begin new chapters in their life. For some graduates, they will be embarking on a new career. Every career is different and offers different opportunities. But mostly, careers offer a salary for people to be able to support themselves. Different majors statistically have different salaries. Often times, art majors tend to struggle with getting jobs with the same pay that other majors easily get. With the right mindset and hustle, art majors can create very lucrative careers for themselves if they understand the business of being an artist. 

What type of artist are you? Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy painting? Do you enjoy creating music? Do you enjoy drama or singing? Whatever type of art you have fell in love with has the potential of producing major profits for you. That is if you know how to monetize your skills. While art schools do a great job of educating and perfecting the craft of their students, sometimes they drop the ball on teaching students how to monetize their skills and talents. 

One of the greatest ways to prepare yourself for being a successful artist after graduating is to already start a small business around your artistic skills. While in college, create social media profiles that showcase your art. If you’re writer posts parts of texts you have written. If you’re an artist showcase any drawings or paintings. Musicians should upload their music. Designers should feature their designs across social media. Grow your following. Follow people who have similar social media profiles. Create relationships with your followers and other professionals. Create a Linkedin profile and follow other professionals in your field. Linkedin is a great place to find job opportunities. 

Some money is better than no money. It is understandable that you want to make enough money to support yourself. But while you’re still in college learn to make some money from your art. If that means selling your paintings as trade shows and events, then do so. If that means doing spoken poetry at poetry events, then do so to earn some money from your art. 

As your business begins to grow, understand there are many other things you will need in order to prosper. If you will be shipping out art to customers then you will need some cardboard shipping tubes. You will need to establish a portfolio of your designs if you are a fashion designer, graphic designers, industrial designer, interior designer or artists should have a portfolio to showcase their work to. Setting up office space may be essential as you become an established artist. 

Remember apart of being an artist is maybe having to be a starving artist in the beginning. But learning to establish an art career before college graduation will save you from being an unemployed, struggling art major. Learn that being an artist can be extremely lucrative if you are willing to perfect your skills and hustle. 


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