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On Installing a Sump Pump

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A sump pump is a pump that is installed inside a home usually in a basement or crawlspace. The function of a sump pump is to keep water from getting into the basement. This is especially important during heavy rainstorms where flooding can happen, especially in basement areas. Water coming into the home can cause a whole lot of damage even long terms, such as warping wood, mildew buildup, and mold. So, a sump pump being installed will help avoid long term issues not only for the home but for the overall health of those living in the house that would be breathing the mildew and mold spores. 

Choosing and Installing a Sump Pump 

Finding the right sump pump to get the job done as far as square footage of the basement is just the beginning. Those of us living in the various parts of the world including the United States have to now have the pump installed. But the right pump for the job along with any sump pump installation st. paul mn maybe different than say installing one in Phoenix, AZ, mainly due to weather conditions and climate. However, once a proper sump pump is chosen there are some basic steps to installing that are followed in the overall process and these are: 

Jackhammer through the concrete in the area where the hole for the pump will be. It is essential to install the pump directly into the ground where the water builds. So, in order to do this, a hole has to be dug into the ground in the area of the basement where the pump is the be placed properly. The sump pump is then installed securely in place. 

Professional Installation of a Sump Pump 

Now no doubt we can all go out online and see plenty of instructions for installing a sump pump ourselves and some may be tempted to take it on as a Do it Yourself project, but is this really advisable? Well unless someone has a background in plumbing installation or construction it isn’t really the right thing to do. Remember a sump pump has a valuable role in our homes and keeping them free of water damage so making sure these are installed right the first time is always a good idea. Yes, this will be an added expense but so would unwanted water damage. So, just because there are tutorials on how to install sump pumps and it may seem like a simple thing to do, it isn’t and there is just as much information online about finding someone who can professionally install this type of pump as well the right way in all areas. The best thing to do is research who to hire, find out some quotes and their reputation. Remember when installing a sump pump finding the right one is just the beginning of the process, making sure it is installed the right way to keep your home dry even in flood conditions is also important as well.


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