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The Shocking Events Of A Slab Leak In Your Home

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Based on Statista, studies show in 2018, more than $394 billion American dollars was spent by many homeowners in making certain upgrades and even repairs for their homes in order to improve and better their overall household experiences. For example, there were many homeowners who upgraded their home appliances for cheaper utility bills, changed out their doors and windows, upgraded their cooling and heating systems in the home and many more. Surprisingly, there are many homeowners who fail to make some of the most important repairs that they can for their homes such repairs for their water sources in the home. There are also many people who are completely unaware that they could even be dealing with a leak in the home, since some leaks can actually be very difficult to detect. In fact, there are millions of homeowners who may go many months and even years without even knowing that their home contains a water leak that could be costing them thousands of dollars every year. This is why it is highly recommended to reach out to your local professional general contractor company in order to have a professional come out and conduct a very thorough and complete inspection of all water sources inside your home. You could possibly be dealing with a slab leak that can be almost impossible to detect until the problem has worsened.

Surprisingly, a water leak in the United States happens to actually be very common in most parts of the country. It is unfortunate that so many households continue to pay into water leaks, when they can easily have them repaired if only they were knowledgeable of these common household leaks. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an average family in the United States can waste more than 180 gallons every week when allowing their household leaks to go unrepaired. Getting a professional general contractor to diagnose your water leak maybe one of the best things for your household. Having a slab leak in your home can cause quite a bit of structural damage and even end up costing you thousands of dollars every year. Unfortunately, these types of leaks can be very difficult to detect and even become suspicious of, since this leak is happening out of sight and underneath your home. Some of the common symptoms that you may notice if you are fixing a slab leak includes an increase in your water bill, water pooling around your home, the smell or visible signs of mold or mildew, a water heater that’s constantly running and also areas of your floor that is warmer than other areas.

Having a slab leak in your home can definitely cause you to dish out a significant amount of money in the end. You always want to try to be aware of these common household leaks and also common problems that your drain may have, so that you can be able to catch these issues earlier on. The earlier you were able to catch these leaks and or drain or pipe problems; the higher chances that you are able to save your home from any further damage. You may take time to search for your nearest professional drain cleaning grants pass or

You can end up experiencing higher than average water bills every month with a slab leak in your home. In addition to paying into high water bills, you could be hurting the environment but the large amount of water waste that may be going on a daily basis. Reach out to your nearest professional general contractor in order to put an end to the suspicion of having a slab leak in your home. 


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