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Modern Technology On The Gulf Of Mexico

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Working in construction Industrial Manufacturing requires knowledge of many kinds of technology, professions, as well as the coordination and logistics of many kinds of workers that work side by side to bring together large projects. Such is the case with shipbuilding. Shipbuilding us art that goes back 130,000 years when the first humans had to travel across the sea to land in Borneo traveling from Asia by sea. We see modern scientists unearthing what is supposedly the Ark of Noah. In a more recent era, an archaeologist found a wooden boat still intact along the salt sea of Galilee.

Modern Shipbuilding

Ships have been built to cross the seas for thousands of years and that is a fact that is undeniable. Today shipbuilders along the Gulf of Mexico are using modern technology to cut down the amount of time it takes to manufacture parts and weld them together. Today laser cutting devices have reached enormous sizes and are industrial in strength. Very huge laser cutters are being used to cut the parts of a ship .

Laser Cutting Everywhere

Today laser cutting is being used throughout the world. No matter where you live you can put in a search for a laser cutter and you would find many industrial manufacturing shops have this technology that uses lasers rather than arc welding to cut and build. Example if you lived in one of the major cities in Ohio you could search for some laser cutting dayton oh and you would find over a million results. Usually, the first page results show higher ranking results. 

Old and New Technology

The similarity between laser cutting and the older style of cutting called plasma cutting or welding is the fact that laser cutting is more precise, faster, and because it uses a laser than plasma, it has a higher degree of accuracy. Plus, homeowners can now have a laser cutter in their workman’s shop that does the work for them. All a handyman has to do is to spend a few minutes or hours making his design, load it to the computer, and the modern laser cutter cuts out the design to a thousandth of an inch accuracy. The cutting focus of a laser cutter can be about 25 microns, which translates to about 25% width of a human hair. Furthermore, a laser cutter can accurately cut to a precision of 0.0005 inch.

Ship Construction With Laser Technology

Another advantage of shipyards turning to use industrial laser cutter technology is one industrial laser can do the work of several plasma welders. A single laser cutter can cut thru several kinds of metal: steel, nickel, aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. On the other hand, the plasma welder or the blow torch was restricted to fewer metals. Furthermore, most of the designer’s work is completed once the information is coded into the laser. Lastly, a laser cutter will reduce the risk of someone being hurt by heavy machinery and can work 24/7/365 without having to stop. 


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