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How An African American Internet Marketing Agency Can Help You Grow Your Business

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Though African Americans make up a relativity small portion of the population in the US, they have been a huge cultural force, and have driven many trends that have influence how businesses market to consumers. African American athletes, rap and hip-hop music, and African American “influencers” on social media have built a huge opportunity for businesses willing to take advantage of this cultural force, and apply their marketing strategies appropriately. Let’s go over what makes this phenomenon such a lucrative opportunity, and how an African American digital marketing agency can help your business to make the most of it. 

Understanding the African American Community 

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the “African American community,” and some may even consider this disparaging in a way. The fact of the matter is that not all African Americans can be grouped into the idea of a single community. Different African Americans come from different backgrounds, and are on different paths in life. In fact, trying to market to “black people” as a whole can make your brand look out-of-touch. 

Instead, relying on an African American Internet marketing agency to help you identify and target specific sub-demographics within this overarching racial demographic can help you develop a more focused marketing message that they will be more receptive to. 

Avoiding A Marketing Faux Pas 

It seems like every week we hear of another company making a product, or running and ad that gets labeled as racist. Whether or not this perceived racism is intentional or not, being accused of racism can be a heavy blow against any company these days. What’s truly unfortunate is the fact that all this trouble could easily have been avoided if businesses would just consult with an African American marketing agency before running an ad, or selling a product that could cause a controversy. 

If you have a product or ad idea that you feel might be offensive, it might be better to shelve it and be safe, rather than sorry. However, this approach can also lead to missed opportunities, and profits. Running your ideas by an African American marketing agency can dispel any uncertainty, and let you know for certain whether your idea is a stroke of genius, or something that will lead to a major scandal for your brand. 

Capitalizing on the Popularity of African American Culture 

As previously mentioned, African American culture is a powerful force in the US. So much so that non African American demographics can be influenced by marketing meant for African Americans. Pulling something like this off can lead to a huge explosion in revenue, but in many ways it can feel risky to go for an angle like this. Multi-racial demographic marketing can easily backfire after all. A better strategy is to consult with an African American marketing agency, and find out which marketing messages targeted at African Americans, are also resonating with other racial demographics. This can help save your company from running marketing campaigns that could do more harm than good for your brand, and also help you hit the multi-racial demographic jackpot, and bringing in vast new sources of revenue.



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